What we offer



External washing


Standard Car

External or Internal washing


Large Car/ SUV

External or Internal washing


4WD/ Premium Car

External or Internal washing


                            The cost of washing varies according to the size of your vehicle and the chosen washing


 Standard Wash 


Exterior Wash: Body wash, Windows, Mirrors, Tyre Wash with Black Shine.

Interior Cleaning: Windows, Mirrors, Vacuum Seats and Carpets, Dash Board and Trim Shine

Complete Wash: Exterior Wash + Interior Cleaning


Deluxe Wash


Complete Wash: Exterior wash + interior cleaning

Wax : Super-Hydrophobic formula contains the very latest ‘Lotus-Leaf’ Nano Technology which cleans, refreshes, shines & 2-Wax protects all in one. Unique formula contains an advanced blend of surfactants, polymers, Carnauba and Nano wax technology that deliver an outstanding high gloss finish, beading and hydrophobic water sheeting to all hard exterior treated surfaces; supremely cleans, details and protects painted, glass, plastic, gel-coats, alloys, chrome. Water-based, environmentally friendly product, contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives which could damage paintwork and trim. Creates a mirror-gloss finish with added UV protection that repels water & dirt build-up for easy repeat cleaning.

Air Freshener:  Eliminate and neutralize foul odors in your car, safe to use around your family and pets.


Complete Valeting


Deluxe wash : Complete Wash + Wax + Air freshner

Washing Seats Fabric / Leather / Car mats / Upholstery : Washing and stain removal of fabric seats or cleaning and care of leather interiors to give elasticity and durability




Complete Standard Wash: Exterior wash + interior cleaning

Interior Sanitization : Interior hygienization of dashboard, seats and air-conditioning system for remove bacteria, germs, mold, fungi and unpleasant smells.